Wednesday, March 11, 2015

School Assembly and an Upwards Awards Banquet

Had an amazing opportunity to speak to the High School at Jackson Heights just north of Holton on February 26th, I was brought in by the FFA to speak to and encourage the students. I am a father of 6 amazing kiddos and with that comes great responsibility, My wife had some things that she needed to do and had a DR appointment so, I brought my 5 year old Miriam with me to help! SHE was an amazing help.
A pre-assembly Selfie with the students!
The FFA has never brought in a speaker before, so I welcomed the chance to be their first one! 
Bubba and his Daughter Miriam and some of the FFA Officers.

 I shared my story about overcoming attempted suicide, cutting, self-hatred and being limited to lifting 50 pounds after a back surgery. How my oldest daughter Anna helped me learn how to love, and how for the first time in my life, put someone else's needs before mine. I shared how Anna was the reason I started lifting weights again which lead to me becoming a World and American record holder and Professional Strongman. 
I was not prepared for or was expecting the outcome of the response from the students after the assembly. I received so many FB messages thanking me for coming and how my story touched them, on how I was an inspiration and how they now have "HOPE" that they can change.... They said they now have "HOPE".  So humbled and honored to be used. 
Miriam, Helping clean up after the assembly.

March 3rd I was asked to perform and Entertain at the Upwards Awards Banquet at Northland Christian Church, here in North Topeka. I was told it was going to be a big event, so I thought, HEY,  I'll bring them a BIG EVENT!!

I called my buddies from the band DEATH and DESIRE, to see if they would join me on stage! They agreed and helped me make it an awesome event! Click on the link, here ,to learn more about them. THEY BRING IT FOR SURE!!! 

Bubba Blowing up a hot water bottle!!
Always starts the show with a BANG!!

It was an amazing event with over 600 in attendance and had an UNBELIEVABLE response with   OVER 200 hands going up when the call to receive Christ was offered!! WOW what an honor to be able to be used to share the love of CHRIST!!!

Bubba, ripping license plate, with his teeth!! SHHH do not tell my Dentist, Dr. Derek!! 

KEEP CALM and Press on!
 BUBBA getting ready to bench press a 78 Honda Goldwing... Weighs 602#'s!


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