Sunday, April 5, 2015

Graduation Celebration in Harveyville, Kansas!!!

     Rural communities are on our hearts, as y'all well know! So, when I received an invite to speak at a celebration for Graduates at Harveyville United Methodist Church in Harveyville, KS (population app. 200) I was honored!  My Family and I saddled up in the Dowling Big Rig on March 22 and made the 50 minute trek to Harveyville to encourage the Graduates, share our story, and preach the gospel!

This church has an amazing testimony of it's own! A few short years ago, the church building was totally demolished buy a tornado. Check out the amazing building story of the Harveyville United Methodist Church Tornado by clicking on the link. 

UMC after the tornado

As you can see, the tornado really wreaked havoc on the church building. When I share my story, I always encourage the audience to remember, "It doesn't matter where you start, or even where you are right now, it's how you finish that matters!" CHECK out the picture below! The Church has been completely restored!! 

UMC after the restoration!

 I have had the opportunity to speak/preach/perform my strongman shows all over the world. You might think that I would be used to God "showing up" and doing some amazing things. BUT, God has a way of "showing up" that it is alway unique and pardon the pun, BLOWS ME AWAY!! There were several people in attendance that different aspects of my story REALLY touched. In turn, I was able to point them to true hope through what Christ has done in me. VERY COOL!

 We were competing against the Wichita State and Kansas, Sweet 16 Game. GO SHOX!! But we had approximately 50 in attendance with over 20 people responding to the call to follow Jesus with everything they have!

The calm, before the STORM!!! 

Bubba and Nathan preparing to bend steel.
Thank you Again for your continued support!! THINGS are shaking up in the rural areas of KANSAS!!

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