Monday, April 30, 2012

56 pounds away......

Bubba competed in the in the USPA Southern Missouri IRONMAN this past weekend. NO not the swimming, biking and running one..... LOL  

It was a Powerlifting competition and Bubba competed in the USPA Single-Ply SHW Sub-Masters Division and Hit a AMERICAN RECORD of 744#'s..... Watch the video here


Bubba is 56 pounds away from his goal weight of 800#'s in the bench press....

Next competition is June 23rd, 2012 In Branson, MO.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

To God's glory.....we were alone?

Bubba and Heather traveling.......alone! Bubba and I traveled to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to minister to a large youth group all by ourselves! A family from our church let us borrow their three daughters and the Mama of the house for two days so we could make the trip!
I can't remember the last time we were completely alone for 48 hours. At the very least 3 years, and I'm thinking more like 14!
 This is a photo of our last date, as I recall. About a year ago
ANYWAY....Bubba ministered to the boys and I ministered to the girls, 6th through 12th grades. Bubba was able to call the boys out to be the warriors God's calling them to be while I brought hope to the girls about guarding their hearts for Jesus. Bubba gave an alter call and 18 boys responded! I gave my first alter call EVER and 6 girls accepted the Lord as Savior! (I've always shared one-on-one in the past) So, if my math is correct that is 24 new brothers and sisters in Christ! Good news, good news people!

We are very busy booking shows and outreaches right now. The summer still has plenty of room for more travel, ie. summer bible camps, Men's retreats, Ladie's night out events. Basically, anyone that needs to hear a word from the Lord or some encouragement, is who we are looking for!

GET US CONNECTED: To book us or get an information pack Email us at We have stories that NEED to be told. They begin with a hopeless mess and end with God's GLORY!