Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sunflowers...follow the SON!

     A few months ago I had a "come to Jesus" moment on behalf of my family. I was tired, we will leave it at that. The Father told me that we could choose our own path, but that was not where He had asked us to walk. I broke down crying and said, "My yes is still yes Lord." Lots of times the Lord asks us to follow him into areas that don't feel normal, where we don't naturally fit well, but we have a mission to complete. That is part of how our stay in Topeka has been.
     After that morning I contacted one of my Missionary friends for encouragement. I needed to hear how to do what He was asking of us. She gave me great advice: Be who you are ALWAYS. And, do the ONE THING the Lord is asking you to do.
     After our conversation she had a dream where she was standing in a field of sunflowers. The seeds of the sunflowers were SHOOTING out in harvest! There was much media there filming this phenomenon! I knew right then that the harvest would not be HARD. That it was ripe and ready! We would be standing in awe of what the Lord was doing.
     Fast forward a few days and I received a vision from the Lord. I was standing, looking out of a doorway at a single sunflower just beyond the opening. It was tall and full of seeds. Beyond the sunflower was bare earth and a simple blue sky. I waited about three weeks and painted it. Here it is:

     When I asked the Lord for understanding and I saught wisdom of both things, this is what I got:
The harvest is READY and will come easily!
We are going to reap harvest where seed has not even been sown!
Sunflowers follow the sun. They face it all day long. We want to follow THE SON!
     We know we are to follow the Lord into places of dry land. In our next post we will share EXACTLY where that dry land is! Stay tuned!


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