Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I like steak... but not this T-Bone..

Bubba and I were involved in a motor vehicle accident  last Thursday. We are doing well, but wanted to share another amazing story of God's hand on our family! Here's the story:
      We had one of our baby-sitters at our home by 7:30 AM Thursday so Bubba and I could make it to an ultrasound for the new baby. We had a wonderful experience at the appointment, seeing many sweet details of Johannah Grace: sweet tiny feet, perfect lips, sweet tip of her nose, and many movements of tiny, slender fingers.
      We were heading home to relieve our sitter about 9:15. We stopped to get gas, when I realized being pregnant that I was in dire need of a egg and cheese biscuit and a chocolate doughnut! I grabbed each of those very sweet items in the station and we were off again.
      We exited the gas station, turning east and stopped at the signal. I was looking down texting our sitter to let her know we were almost home when the light turned green and we were off. SUDDENLY, Bubba looked out my window and yelled, "OH MY GOSH.....". Then I heard BOOOOOM, felt my arm hit the door and heard tires screeching.

Ladies Car that hit us.....

      An elderly women, approximately 80 years old, had run a red light and T-Boned our car on my side. She was traveling around 40 mph at the point of impact. By God's divine hand, she hit our car directly between the drivers and riders doors on the brace. If she would have hit my door directly, things would have been much different!

      Bub was injured on his right side, we are assuming from the console between the seats. He was checked out at the ER after much encouragement! :) He did not want to!!  I was transported by ambulance because of neck pain and being pregnant.
      They monitored the baby and me over night to be sure all was well. The baby is doing well and my body is quit tired but otherwise feeling ok. I am to take it very easy the next week to be sure I don't go into labor.
      I don't have time to go into all the details of of ALL the ways the Lord manifested his grace in this situation. But I will say that Bubba and I are amazed at how The Lord's has been all over us, our family, our friends, the Dr.s the nurses, even the accident scene.
      We now have a rental car, via the Misses insurance. We are 90% sure our car will be totaled, so we are looking/praying for what the Lord has next for us in the vehicle realm.
     So thankful that the Lord saved us all. The reality is beginning to hit me, of what really happened and how many angels were working in that wreck that day!
Thank you Jesus....we love you!
Bub, Heather, Anna, Nathan, Luke, Esther, Miriam and baby Johannah Grace