Thursday, August 23, 2012


I know we must be doing the right thing otherwise Satan would not be attacking my family and me so hard.  It is a battle and we are fighting!! We really believe that big things are coming.

I am going to be up front with you and say ‘YES, that I am writing this to ask for support and more specifically your support financially.” Maybe a little forward?  A little bold?

Yeah it is, but I received the boldness from JESUS and know that the work that I and my family have been doing and what GOD is continuing to call us to that we need to continue to share and cast our vision and our needs to continue to finish the task that God has called us to. The HARVEST IS PLENTIFUL AND THE WORKERS ARE FEW.

God has called the Dowling family to be “A BRIDGE”: that extends across all races, ethnic groups, social classes, ages, gender, between the churched and un-churched.

God has called Bubba (GOD’s STRONGMAN) as an evangelist and Mentor/ Discipler:  Bubba continues to go out and preach the GOSPEL to Churches, Men’s groups, Youth groups so that others can receive the SAVIOUR that WE have received that brought us true relationship, peace, healing and salvation.  And share that you don’t have to be physically strong to also be GOD’s STRONGMAN.

Bubba is the Chaplain and volunteers at a local PUBLIC high school, with the football and wrestling team and has just been asked specifically to work one in one with several athletes that are struggling with self worth, self esteem and who they are as a man while encouraging them to fulfill their role in their sport. 

Heather (MORE THAN RUBIES) is serving JESUS as well as her family by staying home full time to make sure that the first ministry that they have collectively is their own family.

You are reading this letter for 1 of several possible reasons:

1. You are family and you know who we are what we are about and the effect that we have and have had on the kingdom.

2.  You are a friend of the family and you know who we are what we are about and the effect that we have and have had on the kingdom.

3. You have seen our ministry at work first hand and know who we are what we are about and the effect that we have and have had on the kingdom.

4. You have heard about and expressed interest in our ministry and the effect that we have and have had on the kingdom

You may be thinking that you would love to help but cant offer that much, I am TELLING you that ANY AMOUNT Monthly will help. Even if you can’t help maybe you know someone who you can share this with and have them get in contact with us.

So please pray and consider giving into our ministry and ask what God would have you to give and then follow his lead.

We are looking for 200 families/individuals/businesses/ Churches to support our family at least $20.00 a month.   Some can do more some can do less. It all works out in the end!! You may think to yourself $20.00 a month does not sound like much but if you do the math and we get 200 supporters at that $20.00 a month that is $4000.00 a month. 

If you want to give a one time gift in any amount that helps TOO!!!

We are under the covering of Y.W.A.M.
more specifically YWAM HEARTLAND

So you can donate several ways.

If you want a tax deductible receipt please write your check out to YWAM HEARTLAND and place a note in the envelope that the check is for the Dowling Family and mail to:

Bubba and Heather Dowling
607 SE Joel Ave.
Lee’s Summit, Mo 64063

I also take Debit and Credit cards via PAYPAL or also directly using “ SQUARE”.

You can keep in touch with what we our doing and where we are several different ways.

Family blog. You can see it and sign up for it @:

Bubba’s Website @ :

If you have questions and or want to find out more here are some ways you can contact us.
Bubba: Email
             Cell    641-777-9456   call or text
Heather: Email
Cell   641-777-5729   call or text

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some thoughts and Encouragement to fathers...

Here is a 7 minute long video on some thoughts that I would like to share with you....



Friday, August 10, 2012


Was not me.......

Had a great time with my good friends Bill Corum and Tua Meafua.

Bill, ME and Tua

I was not prepared well enough for this meet, had too high of expectations with too many variables and  ended up not even getting a lift in.

I opened up with 727 missed it then I missed two attempts with 755.... and that disqualified me for the meet.

However was able to rest and see a bit of what Wyoming had to offer and more of the BEAUTY of GOD's CREATION.  Wild horses, antelope and even found a few animal skeletons along the way.

Wild horses that have been removed from the wild due to overpopulation and are available for adoption.

MMMMMM needs BBQ sauce!!!!



I always say during my speeches, talks and presentations that I learn best from failing. Even though I do HATE to fail, God always allows me to gain knowledge and wisdom from my mistakes......

Lesson this time??  I need to bloom where GOD planted me and stay where he leads me and not to chase the $$MONEY$$ because he is the one that provides for me!!