Saturday, June 14, 2014

"To the Stars Through Difficulties"...

     "Per aspera ad astra" is the Kansas State Motto (To the Stars through difficulties)…we think we fit right in! The story The Lord has given our family, as many of you know, is just this…we have both gone through difficulties as children and youth, as a married couple, in ministry…and the final destination is eternity with Jesus!!!!
     As we start our journey here in Kansas to what God has planned for our family, we are feeling the shift…
shift into being apart for most of the day,
shift of communicating very little until evening,
shift from full time Jesus preaching to full time Jesus "living",
shift from five year friendships to building friendships from the ground up,
shift into "The World" of public school,
shift into being sports and ballet parents,
shift from distant neighbors to friendship neighbors,
shift from comfort to unfamiliar.
     In all of this shifting we can see God blowing his breath of life on us…LITERALLY! Kansas is known for it's winds and the stories are TRUE! It blows here 99% of the days, the rare day that it is still feels just off. haha
     Back to the breath of life thing :) We sense the presence of The Lord here so strongly! We can see the Father's heart for this land…it makes me weep. He has such great things for the people of Kansas to accomplish for his Kingdom! I pray they can see it too, some day soon.
     Please pray with us for "Kingdom Vision" to be strong here; for the people of Kansas to realize they are important to The Lord; for the will of the Lord to be the focus of this place!
     It is SO beautiful here…
What the sky looks like 80% of the time... AMAZING!

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