Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The NEW plan is hatched!

     TeamDowling is taking on new arena's of influence this year and fulfilling dreams the Lord has had in us for a long time.
     Matthew 28:19 "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." The nations the Lord has called us to disciple are not traditional nations. Bubba is called to disciple the nation of men and sons. Heather is called to disciple the nation of women and mothers.
     Heather received a word from the Lord a few months ago, "get planted". A trusted friend also received a word from the Lord for our family, "I see you as a stake in the ground here in Kansas City." We are getting planted here by becoming more and more involved in our home church, getting our children involved in activities and starting up ministries here while serving TX in a new capacity.
    *Church involvement: Bubba and our two TX guys attend Wednesday night teaching at our home church, CTC. Our boys, Nathan and Luke attend Kids Ablaze on the same night. And, Heather attends a prayer meeting every Thursday with other intercessors from the area.
     *Kids activities:  Esther is attending ballet class once weekly! Nathan and Luke will begin Upwards Football this month!
     *New Ministries:
      -PowerLifting Club! Bubba is training approx. 45 high school aged boys at Grandview High School. He just attended a meeting yesterday to start working with IHOP and FCA in the school as well! Wow, amazing things happening!
      -Clothing Closet! Heather is starting a clothing exchange for local YWAMers. Should be up and running yet this month.
       -Bubba has completed his personal training certification through ISSA! He has the opportunity to train people in health, nutrition and strength training. This being another source of income is a bonus too!
       -Heather has had many opportunities come up to share with women. She is currently booking more dates.
     *We will continue serving Team Xtreme here in the US by discipling the TX team members in Kansas City in the areas of weight training, show fetes of strength, and in sharing their stories. We are also sharing life with two of the single guys living with us now. So, this means Bubba will not be TRAVELING with TX any more.
     There you have it folks! New direction for us as a family and for all of you as part of our GoTeam. We are still sharing the gospel with all we are involved with, just in a more intimate way.
     Both, Bubba and Heather are looking for more chances to share/teach/train people. Contact us if you have any ideas or people we need to meet!
     As always, contact us with any questions. Thank you all for being part of our team, without you all we wouldn't make it through the month, on many levels :)

Bubba, Heather, Anna, Nathan, Luke, Esther and Miriam

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