Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BLAZING across Ohio!

     We just returned to Lee's Summit Monday after spending 10 days in Ohio traveling from the Dayton/Springfield area to the Zanesville/Dresden area, on to the Chillicothe area and finishing up in Dayton once more.
     We had planned the trip to meet new people and broaden our monthly support network. It turned out to be a great time of rest and ministry!
     Our first stop was in Springfield to see Pastor Dave and Miss Tina. They own the house we rent in Lee's Summit, what a blessing they are to our family! We are going to continue to rent the house from them until the Lord provides the money to BUY IT! :) Please pray for prosperity in EVERY area of their, and their two daughters, lives.
     Our second stop was in New Carlisle, just outside of Dayton, where we stayed with Mr. Mike and Miss Diana. They have been supporting us in MANY ways for 2 years or so. The boys played on their farm, fishing and running with their dogs! Bubba was able to move a couple things for them in their office. And, I was blessed to attend a ladies breakfast with Miss Diana! Great visit
     Our third stop was in Dresden, just north of Zanesville.  There we stayed with Dr. Dan and Miss Leslie.  So much fun with this family.....shooting guns, riding Gators, playing with the German Shepard, talking for HOURS, and eating yummy food :)
     In Zanesville, I was able to speek at a ladies group of about 20. I shared my story along with challenging the ladies to forgive, love beyond the pain and WALK THROUGH THE FIRE! It was a powerful night to say the least. Several ladies were moved to at least LOOK at the fire and a couple even dared to step in it! Keep praying for full restoration in this group of women.
     Bubba was able to do a Bench Press Seminar with a small group of teens at an outreach center in Zanesville. It was a good time of teaching and encouragement for the volunteers as well.
     Our fourth stop was Chillicothe where we stayed with Dr. Dan and Miss Roxann. The first night we arrived I spoke at a MOMs group. I encouraged them to remember their dreams. The Lord has big dreams for us Mamas. There was one sweet lady there that needed what I had to offer that night. She is standing at the edge of her FIRE right now, trying to take the first step to get through it. She is an amazing women, I know she will make it! Please pray for her, we will call her Sarah.
     Bubba got to ride a HARLEY DAVIDSON while there and I attended another ladies event to bless a local homeless shelter with Miss Roxann. Bubba also started on a new diet regimen to lose 50lbs by August! I thought, what the heck, I might was well lose 40 right along with him! SO, we are eating differently and I'm even heading to the gym! Let's hear it for SKINNY Dowlings! haha
     We were blessed to visit with Mr. Al and Miss Linda Coulson while we were in Chillicothe...they are prayer worriers and have prayed for and with us and Team Xtreme for several years now. Such a sweet visit.
     We ended our trip with sharing at Living Word Church in Dayton on Sunday morning. They are the largest monthly church supporter and Pastor Pat encourages us SO much. Please join us in praying for transformation to HIT Dayton with Pastor Pat and his congregation leading the way!
     The trip didn't end up the way we had planned, but the Lord sure did use us and bless us along the way! We came home with $400 (which actually got us home!) and I picked up a sponsorship-----MARY KAY COSMETICS! What a blessings from the Lord and Miss Jessica. If anyone needs any product, let me know and we will get this lady some business :) :)
     It was a fun, rewarding trip. Now, back to school, Powerlifting Club, Pre-marriage counseling, Kids Ablaze, mentoring and starting a couple new mercy missions!
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  1. Hey Bubba, Heather and family it is GREAT to see God blessing you in your family, personal and ministry lives. God bless you and keep BLAZING HOT!!!!