Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unveiling the will of the Lord!

     As you know we have been working with Team Xtreme for over 6 years. The first four years or so were part time, as Bubba's work schedule allowed, and the last two plus full time. He has traveled to 5 Nations (I think) and done many US outreaches. Our two year commitment to TX was up in September 2010 and we are looking, diligently, for God's will for our family now. 
     Bubba and I feel we are to be "planted" and "staked" here in Kansas City, MO. We are unclear on how that fits in with TX. Or, if it does at all. 
The veil is opening!
     Bubba is currently working with approx. 40 high school boys in a Power Lifting Club four afternoons per week. He is starting a "mentoring" program one day a week at the same school. This has been his dream for YEARS! The Lord's opened this door up HUGE! (Side note: SuperBowl Sunday, three of his boys gave their lives to Jesus at a TX outreach!!!)
     The Lord has also put a dream in my heart to start a clothing/stuff exchange for local missionaries/ministries. We have a meeting Wednesday to start the ball rolling! 
     The kids are doing well in school and have dreams of doing "normal" kid activities too i.e., football, dance... 
     We want to do WHATEVER the Lord wants us to do. We don't want to miss his will by even one inch! Bubba even fasted yesterday, people! (Side note: Bubba does NOT fast, this was amazing!) We are serious!
     Please pray for us to hear CLEARLY from the Lord for this next season. We need ears to hear. We need eyes to see. We need grace for change. We need all the help we can get GoTeam! (that's you)
     If you have any scripture for us to read or words of encouragement or possible words from the Lord contact us.
     Thanks for standing with us...let's open the veil together for 2011 and jump in!

Bubba, Heather, Anna, Nathan, Luke, Esther and Miriam     


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  1. I love you guys and know you will do great things whatever God leads you to! Be blessed and know we are supporting you and are grateful to know your hearts and walk with you!