Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meet the Fam #3

Lukie in the hotel pool at Christmas!
I would like to introduce you to Luke Davidson
*Luke is 6 years old.
*Some of his favorite things are: playing with friends, writing and illustrating books, making art work for people, watching movies, playing on the trampoline, playing "kill the bad guy" with neighborhood friends, wrestling with Dad, playing EVERYTHING with his best friend Nathan (older brother)!
*Some of his dreams are: to be a Cowboy-Team Xtreme guy, to be a Vet, to kiss his girlfriend (pray for his parents and his purity!),  and to live with his Mama forever!
This IS little Lukie! "A hot fart in a skillet"

*Lukie has such a compassionate heart and a great gift to love people just as they are. He's a sweet addition to our family!

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