Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2012 Here We Come!!

      2012 is almost here and we are EXCITED!

      2011 was a strange year for us. It can be summed up in three words: transition, transition, transition. We traveled less (we saw over 10,000 publicly accept the Lord), worked more, connected with more people one-on-one, had LOTS of meetings :), did lots of 4th grade home work and our fare share of 1st grade projects, played barbies, played football......we got grounded. "Get grounded." That was a word from the Lord to our family, which was confirmed several times for 2011.
     Now that we feel grounded and somewhat "normal", the Lord is showing us MANY ways we can make an "IMPACT" in 2012! "IMPACT" is the word the Lord has given us for 2012 and it has been confirmed in many ways! SO EXCITING!
     Here is one example: One Wednesday night, during prayer and fasting at our home church, Pastor was praying over Bubba and he heard the word "impact". He said he knew it wasn't Impact World Tour (and Team Xtreme), because we were confident that we were done with that part of our lives. We had a couple other ideas of what the Lord might be talking about, but none set well in our spirits.
      About two weeks later Bubba received a phone call from a guy we have known for about 10 years, Tom Stamman. He said he was lifting in Bubba's home town of Ottumwa, Iowa, when Bubba's name came up. Then later that same day, Tom was working on his phone and Bubba's number was the first one to come up. He decided he really needed to give Bubbba a call see what was up. They began visiting about our ministry, "How are your bookings? Are you doing a lot of ministry and  how are you doing it?..."
     Well, to hear the end of the story check out www.tstamman.com, scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on Professional Athletes for Christ.
     By the way, Tom's ministry is called IMPACT Ministries International! :)
Another new thing for 2012 is BUBBA AND I GETTING ORDAINED! By the end of this December we will both be official. This just sounds CRAZY! :) If you know our stories and where we have come from, you will understand why this is amazing! God is able to do imeasureably more then all we ask or imagine! (Eph 3:20)

     Right now, we are starting our own ministry under the local YWAM base here in Kansas City (YWAM Heartland). We are struggling to nail down the name. If you have any suggestions, shoot them our way!
     Starting in January, Bubba will be traveling more often on shorter trips, mostly stateside, teaching, preaching and doing strong man events. We have several events already booked for 2012 and with IMI's booking agents (5 of them) we should be able to keep hoppin'!
     Bubba is also heading up the men's ministry at our church and and speaking at our Youth Group very often.  He is also working with a local private gym to "mentor" young athletes in weight training and in KNOWING THE LORD!
     Exciting things ahead! Feel free to contact us with any questions, encouragement or to book us! :)

                   Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
           Bubba, Heather, Anna, Nathan, Luke, Esther and Miriam

Prayer needs:

     1. We need to pay rent! We haven't paid rent since March. We need $5,600 to be a .
         blessing to our Land Lords in 2011. (THEY ARE AMAZING!)
     2. Discernment for bookings/travel/home time.
     3. Monthly support increased.
     4. Growing our kids (and ourselves) in the Lord for 2012.
     5. A weekend away for Bubba and I!

     If you would like to give an end of the year TAX DEDUCTIBLE gift here's how!
1. Write your check to YWAM Heartland.
2. Mail it to 607 SE Joel Ave.
                 Lee's Summit, MO 64063

Or a NON tax deductible gift via CREDIT or DEBIT card via PAYPAL...
Our PAYPAL email is: lift4christ@gmail.com

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