Monday, August 8, 2011

What's on the BBQ? THE DOWLINGS!

Kansas City is HOT!
     But not as hot as the deals the Lord is cookin' up with the Dowling Family!  

First up on the BBQ is Bubba: 
  • 1. He is now the Chaplain for the Grandview High School Football Team through FCA!
  • 2. He is Personal Training and looking for another 9 clients to have a full load!
  • 3. He has met with our Pastor about leading the Men's Ministry at our church, verdict coming soon!
  • 4. He is serving Team Xtreme by doing local outreaches!
  • 5. And, he is praying about serving a sports ministry in Egypt for a week this fall!
Next up on the BBQ is Heather:
  • 1. She has applied for a job at a local gym to work the front desk 5 AM to 12!
  • 2. She is researching, reading, and gleaning wisdom on starting a small shop called          "More than Rubies".
  • 3. She is stepping into the role of family spiritual warrior she is called to be!
  • 4. And, she is praying about starting a ladies ministry through our church!
Lastly we have our kids in the hot seat:
  • Anna's broken arm is healing nicely! She is missing out on summer swimming, but she's handling it well. She is going to be having a complete oral exam (sedated) Friday.
  • Nathan is planning on playing soccer this fall and starts 4th grade in 15 days!
  • Luke is mastering his artistic skills while killing bad guys and handing out sweet smiles and kisses as needed. He will be starting 1st grade in 15 days!
  • Esther was blessed with a BIG GIRL BED! She is currently focusing on buying "lips" and getting her ears pierced in the near future.
  • Miriam-Bella is becoming quit the climber (out of her bed, that is), enjoys swinging and has got quit the attitude when saying, "Moooom!" or "Daaaaaaad!" haha
As you can see things are heating up around here! It's a great place to be (on the BarB) rather than in the cooler waiting to get in the action. Please pray with us for the streams of income to open up WIDE! We are seeing the Lord blow the coals to full flame! 

Thank you for being in the fire with us!!!

Bubba, Heather, Anna, Nathan, Luke, Esther and Miriam

Please contact us for any more info or just to say "HEY!" Your comment or encouragement are ALWAYS welcome. 

Feel free to shoot us an Email or give us a call:
B 641-777-9456
H 641-777-5729

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