Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bubba's workin' the workin' world!

     Alright people! We have a direction....Bubba's looking for a JOB! The Lord's put lots of things in our hearts to do and all of them require CASH! Getting grounded here in Lee's Summit is one, which includes a dog,  upkeep on the house we live in, getting debt FREE so we can buy the house we live in, activities for our children, etc. A second is, Bubba wants to start a sanctioned powerlifting club, take the kids to meets and do mentoring.  We both feel we are to send Heather out to speak on forgiveness to women and mamas and start a clothing exchange for YWAMers in the KC area.
     He is trying to find a job that will be during school hours so he can start mentoring/powerlifting club in the evenings. If that doesn't work out, then full on ministry is on hold for a while. He will still be doing one or two shows a month with TX, but not much else.
     Thank you for praying last night. We truly do appreciate it!

Bubba and Heather
This is us....RELIEVED!

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  1. Good decisions sometimes is hard to make and in a world that are performance driven many times our decisions is seen as failure. We would like to encourage you because Jesus death, Davids, Joseph's, Moses's and Paul's lives looked like failure to some but we know how the story ended. We still believe in your calling and these changes we believe will work out for the good because you love Jesus. God never loves us based on performance or how much we do but on how much we love Him and willing to follow His lead even when it does not make sense. An African pastor told me once don't look at the masses but have a vision for the one in front of you and if you help the one in front of you, you will look back after a year and see that you have touched the masses!