Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week's Highlights!

  • Bubba:  God allowing him to recognize fears that he's had and being able to over come them has been the highlight for Bubba. 
  • Heather:  I saw so many fun things this week with the kids (3 snow days).  Watching the boys jump on the trampoline full of SNOW was fun.  Hearing the teasing giggles come from Nathan as he threw snowball at the window in the dining room.  Getting lots of cuddle time with Lukie has been VERY nice. Listening to Esther sing lots of original songs while playing with her dolls is always adorable. And seeing that Miriam is cutting 5 teeth with a sweet smile caught me off guard :)
  • Nathan:  Playing his DS video game extra because of 3 snow days last week was Nathan's favorite part of the week. What was he playing, Lego Batman!
  • Luke: Feeding the birds was Luke's highlight. "I like to put the food out because they are nice." 
  • Esther:  Esther is excited to try out a ballet class..."I'm going to stand on the stage, behind the curtain....lots of people will be there......I will love it!" (hehe)
  • Miriam:  Miriam has started attempting to communicate with us verbally! So fun to hear her version of "Tan-too" (Thank you) and "Ba-Ba" (Esther) and MANY, MANY more.
We will post our highlights weekly, trying for Thursdays....keep up with us :)

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